Stay connected on the course and power your mobile devices to stay charged throughout your round.

Keep up-to-date on voicemail, text and email. No one has to know that you skipped work to get a round of golf.

GPS apps like 18 Birdies are great but a severe drain on battery. Attach the G-Charger to your golf cart battery and know your exact yardage for all 18 holes..

Power your speaker for 18 holes of tunes. Not so loud though - other golfers may not enjoy 80's Metal as much as you do.

Unplug the USB adapter and plug in you portable cooler to keep beverages cold for 18 holes of cold drinks

Lift up the Seat and locate the battery terminals 


attach clamps to the correct battery terminal


Plug in and play -


Carefully read the instructions before using the G-Charger.  Failure to follow instructions may result in damage to the cable, your device and the golf cart.